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Your Healthy School

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Your Healthy School

There is growing evidence from around the world that health and education are inextricably linked to each other and to other issues, such as poverty and income level.  Healthy young people are better learners and are more likely to complete their education. Education is a key determinant of health that affects other determinants such as employment, income, housing, health literacy and social status. Studies have identified the links between specific health behaviours and education outcomes, student attitudes and behaviours.

A healthy school is built on a foundation of high quality instruction and programs, a healthy physical environment, a supportive social environment and community partnerships.

High quality instruction provides students with a wide range of opportunities to learn,  practice and demonstrate knowledge and skills related to living a healthy life. Programs offered during the school day often lay the foundation for other activities outside of instructional time. Quality programs also include opportunities for teachers and administrators to participate in professional development.

A safe and healthy physical environment improves the conditions for learning. The physical environment includes the school building and grounds, routes to and from school, and materials and equipment used in school programs.

A supportive social environment has a positive impact on student’s learning. Many practices within a school foster such an environment. Students, teachers, and parents can benefit from the support provided which may be formal (e.g., school policies, rules, clubs or support groups) or informal (e.g., unstructured peer interaction or free play).

Community partnerships provide access to resources and services available to support staff, students, and families in the development and implementation of healthy schools initiatives.

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Last modified on Aug 28, 2012