February 18,


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There is growing evidence from around the world that health and education are linked to each other and to other issues, such as poverty and income level.  Healthy young people are better learners and are more likely to complete their education.

Research also indicates that those with a good education have a better health status. Education is a key determinant of health that affects other determinants such as employment, income, housing, health literacy and social status. Studies have identified the links between specific health behaviours and education outcomes, student attitudes and behaviours.

A healthy school is built on a foundation of high quality instruction and programs, a healthy physical environment, a supportive social environment and community partnerships.

Click on Your Healthy School for information and resources that support a healthy physical and social environment in your school. Topics include active and safe routes to school, asthma, anaphylaxis, concussion, comprehensive school health, extreme weather, infection control, school food and beverage policy, mental health and tobacco control.

Click on Your Healthy Students for resources that support your students to be healthy, successful learners including immunization, access to free dental care, support services for youth and tobacco cessation for youth.

Provide credible health information to parents by including our downloadable newsletter inserts and drop-ins in Your School Newsletter.


Last modified on Jul 06, 2017