February 21,

Cancer Prevention & Screening

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Cancer Prevention & Screening

Cancer prevention starts with healthy living.

Can lifestyle changes really make a difference?  Yes.

By making healthy lifestyle choices, you can reduce your risk of getting cancer. In fact, about half of all cancers can be prevented through healthy living and policies that protect the health of Canadians.

Current research on how to reach the under/never screened suggests local, customized interventions that address specific barriers within the local context.  Please contact Peterborough Public Health if you are interested in collaborating to enhance local cancer screening rates.

Peterborough Public Health is pleased to offer you FREE resources to help you promote cancer screening with your patients using our new Cancer Resources Screening Form.

Help detect cancer early by knowing your body and getting screened.  Currently in Canada, there are screening programs for three cancers: colorectal, cervical and breast cancer.  Cancer screening tests are recommended for people who do not have any sign or symptoms.

Breast Cancer Screening 

Colorectal Cancer Screening 

Cervical Cancer Screening 

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