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Meet our Board of Health Members

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Meet our Board of Health Members


Henry Clark2 Henry Clarke, Councillor/Deputy Mayor, City of Peterborough (Monaghan Ward)
“Public health is all about preventing illness, improving quality of life, and ensuring through health policies that our citizens enjoy the best quality of life possible.  Locally we need to improve access to appropriate health supports – doctors, nurses, clinics, hospitals and long term care facilities when needed – so that every person can have a healthy and long life.”


Kathryn-Wilson Kathryn Wilson, Councillor, Hiawatha First Nation (Board Vice-Chair)
“As an Indigenous person, we value all aspects of health, relating it to our medicine wheel and teachings.  It is not only about physical health, but also mental, spiritual and emotional.  Public health plays such an important role in all individuals lives, from birth to end of life.  We all need access to health services, no matter our status, age, gender, race or religion.  I look forward to working with such a diverse group of individuals to move public health forward in a healthy way, for everyone.”

Members at Large:

Gary Baldwin Gary Baldwin, Councillor, City of Peterborough (Ashburnham Ward)
“As a former elementary school principal I have seen first-hand the excellent work and programmes that have been put in place to support students. Peterborough Public Health continues to deliver top-notch programming and supports schools to implement the health curriculum.  I look forward to working with the board and supporting initiatives that support and promote a healthy community.”
Gregory Connolley, Provincial Appointee
“Good heath is a gift that everyone desires. It is important that we do as much as we can as a community, province and country to ensure that we are all afforded the best chance to have and maintain such a treasure.  Promotion of good health and prevention of disease is key to this mission.  Peterborough Public Health is a leader in the ongoing efforts to meet and maintain this goal.  I am privileged to be allowed to be part of this organization and support the initiatives that continue to promote and protect health.”
Kerri-Davies Kerri Davies, Provincial Appointee
“Public Health has an important and strategic role to play in the health of our community members as well as the economic well-being of the city, towns and rural areas that we serve.  Good health must include access to adequate and safe food, education and health services, regardless of income level.  I am honoured to be part of an organization that works to ensure that these basic human needs are met in an inclusive and safe community.  Together, we can challenge and remove barriers and seek collaboration and partnerships to ensure a community where good health is available to all.”
John Fallis John Fallis, Deputy Mayor, Township of Cavan Monaghan
“Public health means how we as a community use science to improve the way we live.  To me the most important local public health issues are teaching good parenting skills and obtaining sustained funding for programs.  We must be constantly looking for better ways to make community members aware of the importance of everyday choices and how they affect our health.”
Lesley Parnell, Councillor, City of Peterborough (Otonabee Ward)
“Public Health is more important than most of us realize.  I have participated in public health debates for many, many years and am honoured to be on this board. Serving on the Board of Health has shown me the incredible scope, responsibility and daily effect public health has in the lives of our citizens.  The issues that are close to my heart are breastfeeding and reducing smoking.  We have made good progress in these areas but, of course, there is still much work to do. Increasing immunization rates is also essential.  Every person who is immunized is now part of the big team who are all helping to protect each other. Also, promoting a physically active lifestyle to all our young and mature citizens will assist our nation, and our health care system, be healthier going forward.”
Catherine Praamsma Catherine Praamsma, Provincial Appointee
“Public Health and advancing healthy public policy has been an integral part of my career in health care.  Working in the Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Yukon taught me so much about building strong vibrant healthy communities and the tools that individuals need to succeed.  The  privilege to serve as a Board Member allows me the opportunity to contribute and share some of that expertise.  I look forward to supporting the vision, mandate and strategic direction of the Board as well as championing the organizations public health goals.  Building healthy communities that are well informed, supporting moms and families and working collaboratively with our partners can only bring positive change to our community.”
 Andy Sharpe Andy Sharpe, Provincial Appointee
“Advancing public health policies is one of the most effective ways to bring positive change to our communities.  Improving the quality of life for those in need improves everyone’s quality of life.  I look forward to making great strides on the important public health priorities for Peterborough City and County.”
Mary Smith Mary Smith, Mayor, Township of Selwyn
“I am committed to working hard to implement the strategic directions of the Board of Health.  Public health is a very complex, program-based collection of services, and with the support of our funding partners I look forward to delivering the goals and objectives that we developed through active consultation.”
Michael Williams Michael Williams, Provincial Appointee
“Public health is important because you can convey health messages with a larger population impact than you can when working as an individual health practitioner.  As a physiotherapist who works with patients one on one, I appreciate how public health supports change in an entire community through addressing health determinants that cannot be impacted by an individual clinical practice.  Examples include providing clean drinking water, advocating for the creation of bike lanes and reducing income inequality.  Public health is essential because it can tackle health issues on a large scale that benefit the whole community.”
 WebVer-1366-cropped Phyllis Williams, Chief, Curve Lake First Nation
“As a member to the PPH Board of Health, I am looking forward to being involved in this collaborative partnership, assisting communities to pursue quality of life for all citizens.  As a First Nations person our culture uses the medicine wheel teachings to accomplish balance and direction.  When we speak about balance we are guided by the Seven Grandfather teachings in all that we do.  The four directions or quadrants of the medicine wheel are spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental which are the indicators of life balance.  Public Health therefore is a balance of all four of these aspects, and to achieve quality of life we require prevention, education, health promotion, and engagement of our community.  We are also guided by creation, in that life begins not at birth but at conception, and continues through each of the stages until life ends.  The board works together to assist others gain a good life, healthy life, and a happy life.”
Rick Woodcock Rick Woodcock, Mayor, Township of North Kawartha


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